What You Need to Know About Sewer Cleanout

An outdoor sewer cleanout is typically attached to a main sewer line just below the earth’s surface. The pipe forming the underground line actually forms a U-shaped line going from mainline to ground level. The underground pipe is covered usually with a heavy cap and has an access point located above ground level. Sometimes a cover plate also adds more aesthetic appeal and protection to the pipe.

A common way to get to the sewer cleanout location is through an access hole. This hole is provided for this purpose by a drain pipe. Other types of pipe include: iron pipe, copper pipe and vinyl pipe. The pipe is placed through these holes and is provided with an exit point. These options provide easy access to the sewer cleanout.

Homes that are constructed in areas with clay soil tend to be at higher risk for sewer cleanouts due to the natural sludge that collects inside of these pipes. Clay also slows down the passage of water in these pipes and can cause damage over time. Clay also does not decompose like other materials and provides a perfect environment for harmful bacteria to grow. As a result, the buildup can become very serious and require specialized treatment.

There are some homeowners who choose to clean out their own sewer system. While this option can save a homeowner a few dollars, it is often not the best option. First, it can be difficult to accomplish safely. Most experienced plumbers are not going to attempt to perform this repair without proper training and experience. Second, even when trained by a professional, the homeowner is responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur during the process.

When there is a sewage cleanup involved, the homeowner should never attempt to do the repairs alone. The homeowner should call in a qualified professional plumber to complete the work. The reason for this is that many times the pipe behind the wall has breaks or burst and needs to be repaired. While a plumber can fix the immediate problem, there is no guarantee that the damage will not occur again.

Finally, it is important to know whether a plumber is needed to repair a broken sewer line or to clean it out completely. If a drain runs through your home and starts to create a backed-up sewage from a broken pipe, you may have an emergency situation on your hands. It is best to contact a professional plumber to ensure that the sewer clean up is completed and that you do not become infected with the disease by carrying hazardous waste in your body for any period of time. Contact a residential plumbing company if you need more information regarding sewage cleanups.