Pet Hospital Offers 24 Hour Emergency Care and Veterinary Specialists

At Academy, Pet Hospital mission statement is to offer progressive, compassionate, evidence-based veterinary care for your pets at all stages of life. Whether your dog, cat, rabbit, hedgehog, fish, or reptile is a newborn, an older dog, cat, or hedgehog, dedicated doctors, and team members will offer you exceptional care customized to your pet’s specific needs. Whether you are in need of emergency treatment or routine care, urgent issues, or routine care, you can be sure that our staff will respond with attention and compassion. We believe that animals are a part of our communities and that all pets deserve the same levels of care, respect, and veterinary expertise. As a member of the American Kennel Club, we work to improve the standards of the profession so that future generations of animals are better cared for and protected.

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive range of veterinary care and services from a home veterinary hospital. You can be assured that if you visit us you will receive personalized veterinary care, excellent pet health care, preventive care, and emergency and accident care. Our fully equipped diagnostic and surgical facilities are designed to meet the needs of a variety of pet ailments and disorders. We offer competitive rates on routine and emergency veterinary procedures and have several clinics and veterinary offices located throughout the metropolitan area. In addition to offering state of the art veterinary care, we aim to make our patients feel at home with our warm and friendly hospitality and have set up a VIP lobby for our visiting clients.

If you do not choose to be treated at our Pet Hospital or have questions about our services or facility, contact your local primary care vet. Ask him what he thinks of the Pet Hospital and whether he would recommend it. Your local primary care vet has years of experience dealing with our pets and can help you make the best decision for your pet. He or she can also answer any questions you may have regarding pets, pet health care, pet diseases, pet treatments, and pet shelters.

Pet Hospital provides many benefits to our pets including: extended emergency care, in-home consultation, wellness exams, vaccinations, emergency care, surgery, critical care, orthopedics, surgeries, and emergency evacuation. Our veterinary doctors maintain relationships with participating veterinarians across the nation and abroad. Your cat or dog will be assessed by a team of experts before they are rushed to the hospital. At our Pet Hospital, the best veterinary doctors and surgeons are on hand to treat your pets with dedication, compassion and professionalism.

You can be sure that when you join us that we will work to give you the very best in pet health care. We provide world-class nutrition, qualified staff, a clean and safe environment, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and a comfortable waiting and patient room. Our goal is to take great care of our animals while providing you with the very best in veterinary care. This is done by offering you a variety of services such as: low cost or no cost vaccinations and routine checkups, emergency care, discounted veterinary surgeries, and much more. When you join us as a member, you will also be an owner to a cherished companion. Your loyal companion deserves only the very best in pet health care.

Our mission is simple: to serve you and your pet. We provide free and confidential service and a wide range of services for both cats and dogs. If you have any questions regarding your pets, concerns or medical conditions, we can help. You can call, email, and book an appointment at any time, day or night – right at your own home or office!