How To Make A High-Quality 3D Crystal Photo Cube Picture

A high-quality 3D Crystal Photo Cube Picture is very easy to make, but it does require some patience. Most of the time you will need to work in a small area with limited light, since your 3D crystal photo cube picture should be dark or translucent. The top layer is also fragile. If you are not prepared for this, then you might not get the image you want.

The first step is to remove the top layer of glass (the most fragile part of your photo cube picture). It’s easiest to do this by taking a razor blade and cutting through the top layer. Do not cut too much though because otherwise the top layer will crack. After you’ve cut the top layer of glass, you can now use a very fine brush to rub on the dust layer. You want to keep the dust off the top layer because you don’t want any dust particles to interfere with your photo.

You will then need to take a piece of cardboard and place it on top of the photo-cube picture. This will provide additional protection for your photo-cube picture. You will now need to rub on some paper towel on the top of the cardboard to cover the top layer completely.

Once you have covered the top layer of the glass in the cardboard, you should then apply a coating of glue onto the surface using a thin metal rod. The rod will be attached to the back of the glass cube picture. Make sure that you use a glue that doesn’t affect the thickness of your crystal photo cube picture.

After you have applied the glue, you should now repeat the process of rubbing the dust off the top layer of glass and then applying more glue to the backside of the glass cube. Make sure that you rub in a consistent motion. You should also apply a small amount of oil onto the backside of the glass cube picture after you have finished applying the glue.

When you are done with the first layer of glass, you will then want to repeat the same process for the second layer of glass. After you’ve applied the second layer of glass, you will then need to apply another coat of glue and apply the third layer of glass on the back of the crystal photo cube. This third layer will provide extra protection to the 3d glass cube picture and should prevent it from cracking.