Advanced Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Local Physical Rehabilitation in Oklahoma City OK is provided by the Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy in conjunction with the orthopedic, neuro-surgical, cardiologic, neurological, and military branches. Advanced Physical Therapy in Tulsa offers both inpatient and outpatient care. The goals of treatment are to help patients maintain their independence, increase their strength and flexibility, and decrease their pain. The treatments are also designed to increase the patient’s self-esteem, boost their confidence, and return their self-esteem to normal or better.

Advanced Physical Therapy in Tulsa OK

Rehabilitation therapy can be offered in a variety of settings. Often, the most important role of physical therapists in the rehabilitation process is as the main source of information, education, and referral for patients and their families. Physical therapists are trained to provide a comprehensive treatment plan that combines exercise, stretches, and instruction to reduce stress, muscle tension, and prevent injury. Many rehabilitation centers use a structured system of therapy care for patients with varying degrees of injuries.

Advanced Physical Therapy in Tulsa OK offers many services to patients and their families. Often times, patients and families may meet once a week for a couple hours. In addition, they provide post-treatment instruction, group activities, nutritional services, and education about healthy diet and nutrition, body mechanics and anatomy, and safety practices. Many facilities offer other therapies and rehabilitation services, including occupational, functional, and interventional radiology, gynecological, orthopedic, pediatric, and neurological therapy. Many facilities also offer speech, occupational, and physical therapy.

When patients seek the services of a rehabilitation center, physical therapists may recommend exercise as an important part of treatment. In fact, exercise is often the first recommendation made by physical therapists and rehab facilities. A patient who has suffered a previous traumatic injury usually requests physical therapy after approximately one year. Typically, physical therapy is used for injured people to increase flexibility, endurance, and strength. Many rehabilitation programs use a progressive training approach; however, some programs use a mixed technique. A mixed technique is one that uses different types of exercise to achieve different goals.

As in any medical practice, a National Therapeutic in Norman OK must be properly staffed. Physical therapists are required to be licensed by the state to perform the type of work they do. They are also required to obtain additional education and training in various fields such as kinesiology (study of mechanics and movement), sports medicine (the science of injury prevention and treatment), pediatric, geriatric, and neuro-anatomy. It is important for physical therapists to have a comprehensive understanding of the medical science behind the rehabilitation of patients with disorders and injuries that affect the musculoskeletal system.

The proper care and treatment of injured people require both a rehabilitation center and the appropriate physical therapist. Although the physical therapy and rehabilitation services provided in most reputable centers are superb, individuals with physical disabilities or injuries should always see their personal physician to ensure they receive the proper treatment. With the help of your doctor, you can regain mobility, restore function, avoid permanent injury, and return to everyday life.